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Clearing the Clutter

By Jennifer M. Segura I think it is important for the public to know the difference between litigating or mediating […]

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Can We “Pause” Our Divorce?

By Jennifer Segura Often we have couples who start the divorce process, and then they have to “pause” for one […]

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What Does Sanding Furniture Have To Do With Divorce?

By Jen Segura I consider myself to be a fairly crafty person. I am always refinishing items of furniture. When […]

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Starting Mediation With Us: What to Expect

We know the divorce process can be very overwhelming and we want to provide as much information as we can […]

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Be Patient with Your Ex, Be Kind to Yourself, We Will Get Through This.

By Jennifer Segura Hello World! Our world is definitely seeming smaller and smaller as the days and weeks go by. […]

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Cheap Divorce Online Too Good To Be True? 

spousal support in San Diego

By Jennifer M. Segura   If you live in San Diego, you have surely seen the van that is parked around […]

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Why Online Marital Mediation Is Crucial Right Now

marital mediation

By Jennifer Segura   The one idea I think we can all agree on during these unprecedented times is that there’s a lot we all take for granted. Our […]

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Online Mediation: How it Works  

online mediation

By Jennifer Segura   San Diego Family Mediation Center has always offered online mediation as an option to our clients. Typically, […]

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Divorce in a Time of Uncertainty  

By Jennifer Segura   With all of our local stores lacking necessary supplies…toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc., it is only natural […]

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Pitfalls of a DIY Divorce 

DIY divorce

By Jennifer Segura   Sometimes we have people come in, and they ask if they can do the divorce process on […]

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