How Living With a Narcissist Can Impact Your Health

Is your spouse, co-parent, parent, or sibling a narcissist? Navigating any relationship with someone with narcissistic tendencies can be challenging. Therapist Natasha Edwina, LMFT and Mediator Jennifer M. Segura, J.D., CDFA™ (of West Coast Family Mediation Center) dive into the dark world of narcissism and how it can impact your health and well-being.

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Books Mentioned:

  • Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath's Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power by Christiane Northrup M.D.
  • Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist by Melissa Schenker and Tina Moody



by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center

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