Who Is Rachel Vanni?

My interest in family law and mediation began in my last year of college, serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Texas. I helped represent a child in CPS custody and attended mediation sessions and court hearings with the family. I saw firsthand how productive mediation could be to address very emotional topics. After graduating with my B.S. in Political Science, I attended law school at California Western School of Law, where I served for two years as the President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Club. I participated in negotiation competitions and took several courses dealing with mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. I graduated in 2012, passed the California Bar, and began working in the area of divorce mediation shortly after in 2013. 

In 2016 I lost my husband to cancer, and in early 2017 I lost my three-year-old daughter to a rare disease. The grief I have experienced in my personal life has further motivated me to help be a light for those in the dark. Going through a divorce or custody matter creates a deep sense of loss. I always interact with clients with as much positivity as possible to begin anew with a solid foundation of self-love, trust, and respect for themselves and each other.

When I was home through my husband’s and daughter’s illnesses, I discovered a knack for marketing. As Director of Marketing at West Coast Family Mediation, I can combine my passions for digital marketing and mediation and help connect clients with low-conflict divorce options. It is a perfect fit!

When I’m not in the office, you will find me hiking out in the mountains, camping, and making homemade pasta. I am happily remarried to an amazing man and have two sons who keep me busy. 

Why I chose to work in mediation

Like many young children, I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Little did I know that the drama and heartache of litigation wasn’t a great fit. Looking back, I was born to mediate. Whenever there was a disagreement on the playground, I was always the first to call a quorum to sit down and negotiate. To my parent’s dismay, I would turn just about anything and everything into a negotiation. As I grew, I was drawn to helping people in challenging situations. In college, I was a guardian ad litem for children in protective custody. This was my first experience in helping families in a court setting, and I was forever hooked. In law school, I was given the experience of multiple internships in the areas of domestic violence and dependency. My passion for helping families grew.

What I want clients to know

If there is one thing I understand completely it’s starting over. For some, it may feel like a relief. For others, it may take the form of deep grief. It may be a bit of both and change depending on the day. My goal is to guide and inform clients thinking about mediation. I want our office to be a peaceful environment and refuge. I want everyone to feel comfortable, hopeful, and open to asking questions.

About Amanda Singer

Services highlight: premarital mediation

I enjoy working with couples before they get married through the following services:

  • Premarital Mediation: I want to give you the tools to have a healthy relationship and start your marriage off on solid ground so that you will never end up back in my office for a divorce. If we can help you improve your communication now, before you face challenges, then you’ll be able to work together to problem-solve.
  • Premarital Financial Planning: the most significant issue we see in couples getting divorced has to do with finances. Too many couples never took the time before getting married to discuss their spending and saving habits, their debt, credit scores, and their thoughts on money.
  • Prenuptial (Premarital) Agreements: without a prenup, if you get divorced, the Family Law of the state of California prevails, which you and your spouse might not agree with. Putting down on paper how you both want to handle your separate and community property provides an opportunity to have control “in case of emergency” (divorce). Having a prenup can also reduce future conflicts since you have already hashed out details in your agreements.

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