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San Diego Divorce Mediators

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your divorce, or just now wrapping your head around the concept, San Diego divorce mediators can assist you. Unlike litigation, you never have to step foot inside a courtroom. You call to make an appointment, come to our office, and discuss your particular situation with one of our experienced mediators. We have extensive training and experience in the area of conflict resolution and have the professional legal background to put it all in context. This means you can talk about anything from spousal support, child support calculation, asset division, debt issues, retirement division, and more. We know that discussing these particular topics can get emotional. We are here to help you navigate you through.

Are San Diego Divorce Mediators, Attorneys?

It is possible to be both a mediator and an attorney, but you don’t act as both at the same time. For example, all our mediators have completed law school. This would make them legally-trained like an attorney. Some of our mediators decided to go forward and take the state bar exam, making them a licensed attorney. Being an attorney and a trained family mediator doesn’t make you necessarily better than someone who has not taken the bar, however, having a law degree is crucial. We assure all our clients that our San Diego divorce mediators will have the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to complete their divorce accurately.

What Is the Divorce Process Like?

The divorce process is one of the most emotionally taxing experiences, but mediation can make it less complicated. The mediation process (when compared to litigation) is rather simple. Most clients will come in together for an initial consultation. Sometimes it begins with one spouse coming in for the consult, and bringing back that information to discuss with the other. At this initial meeting, we discuss your situation, your assets generally, your family, your schedule, and what you hope to accomplish in mediation.

After that initial meeting, the process involves coming in for a few two-hour sessions (1-4 meetings total) to get all the information necessary to complete all the court paperwork. We do all the legal paperwork for you, including summarizing all your agreements into a 25-30 page marital settlement agreement, also known as an “MSA.” After you have the MSA reviewed by independent legal counsel, we make a signing appointment and send everything to the court to be finalized.

If you are ready to get started with our San Diego divorce mediators, contact SDFMC at (858) 736-2411 and schedule your FREE initial consultation.