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sometimes couples can use mediation to make their marriage stronger and avoid divorce

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Marital Mediation & Contracts

Marital Mediation

Marital mediation is a mediation process for couples who are experiencing marital problems or difficulties, but prefer to stay together. Our mediators can help you work through your issues in a constructive way by helping you learn to resolve conflict and avoid divorce. Marital mediation is different from marital counseling and does not take the place of counseling obtained from a licensed mental health provider. We encourage our clients to continue working with their counselors/therapists. Marital mediation helps you and your spouse develop concrete plans to address your marital conflict and issues. Our mediators facilitate communication between you and your spouse to help you stay together.

Many of the couples we work with in divorce mediation have said that if they had known what they learned about conflict resolution in their divorce mediation, while they were married, they would not have needed to get divorced. Marital mediation helps couples learn to use new techniques to identify and address conflict in their marriage and brain storm options for resolving them. We work with couples to come up with options for dealing with the conflict in their marriage. Often couples deal with financial issues that cause conflict, and we help you work out agreements to work together.

Marital Contracts

I am sure you are thinking, “what is a marital contract?” Well, you can contract before your marriage with a prenuptial agreement, you contract to end your marriage with a Marital Settlement Agreement, so think of this as a contract to keep your marriage.  It is your choice if you wish to put your agreement in writing. Some couples feel that the verbal understanding is enough, but other couples find that a contract helps them solidify agreements. This contract is drafted after completing mediation in which we discuss the issues in your marriage that are making you contemplate divorce. The goal here, of course, is to keep the two of you together. We will draft an agreement setting forth what each of you has agreed you will do in order to maintain the relationship, knowing if you do not hold up your end of the deal, divorce is likely to be the end result.

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