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Online Divorce Mediation

For many going through a difficult time, getting out of bed can be difficult. Can’t stand being in the same room as your ex but still want the benefits of divorce mediation? Maybe you have family or job obligations that make travel to an office difficult. San Diego Family Mediation Center provides an online mediation option for all our services, including divorce. Using a computer or phone with internet access is all you need to begin online divorce mediation. No need to even change out of your pajamas.
We understand that online mediation is a relatively new concept, and you may have questions. Below are our most common questions we have received about our online divorce mediation services:

Is online mediation more expensive?

No. All our mediation services, including divorce mediation, can be done at the same flat rate. Online mediation can be a cheaper option, as you save on transportation and many clients don’t have to take as much time off work.

Can one person be in the office while another is online?

Yes, absolutely. This is a common occurrence. One spouse is in our office while we video chat with the other spouse. This works great for couples that live far apart, out of state, or even out of the country.

Can we both be online?

Yes, we can absolutely arrange this.

Can I call instead of video chat?

We find that video chat is the ideal way to conduct online mediation. By using facial cues, we can prevent interruptions that tend to slow the mediation process down. However, we are always flexible and willing to work with your requirements.

How do I start divorcing my spouse online?

The first step is to contact us. We are happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation either in person, over the phone, or in a live video chat. We can then guide you on how to begin as well as which package would suit your needs.

Have questions about our online divorce mediation services? Contact SDFMC today!