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Working with Other Professionals During Your Divorce Mediation

Often, we get questions from clients about whether they have to have an attorney to do mediation and sometimes they […]

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How to Take Control of Your Divorce

Divorce Mediator in UTC

One of the recurring themes that we see with clients is that they feel completely out of control during a […]

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How to Overcome an Impasse

I often have clients ask how I handle an impasse in mediation. Here is an example of an email I […]

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The Difference Between a Mediator and an Attorney

The legal system can be incredibly confusing and complicated. Many different legal professionals may help you with your dispute. You […]

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All Trick, No Treat: The Divorce Litigation Trap

Most divorcing couples want to get things over with as quickly and easily as possible. No one wants to be […]

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Divorce Mediation

Once you have decided to get a divorce, it is time to decide on how to proceed. Many couples make […]

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Mediation vs. Litigation-What are the Facts

Well here it is folks. If you’ve been reading my blog all these weeks, you may have been skeptical about […]

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I WANT to get divorced, but do not know where to start…

If this is something that you are thinking, you have come to the right place. The best thing about our […]

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Mediation…the wave of the future?

Is mediation the wave of the future?  One can only hope! I have to say that I do believe it […]

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529 Plans and Divorce – Community Property to Be Divided?

529 Plans and Divorce

When it comes to 529 Plans and Divorce, there are a lot of questions. Here is a breakdown of what […]

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