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What to Do With Your Home During a Divorce

your home

For many people, their home is their biggest asset. Aside from finances, a marital home holds a lot of emotional […]

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Separate Property vs. Community Property

When you are thinking of getting a divorce, you may be nervous about your spouse “taking it all” and leaving […]

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Fifteen Critical Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Becoming a Financial Victim If you suspect that your spouse is planning a divorce, make copies of all important financial […]

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San Diego Superior Court Is Facing Huge Budget Cuts

san diego superior court

The San Diego Superior Court Is Facing Huge Budget Cuts What does this change mean for you? You are the individual […]

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529 Plans and Divorce – Community Property to Be Divided?

529 Plans and Divorce

When it comes to 529 Plans and Divorce, there are a lot of questions. Here is a breakdown of what […]

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What exactly is a “Suspended Divorce”?

Sound odd? I thought so too. But there is such a thing. Basically, if there is some reason that you […]

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What you dont know CAN hurt you!

When getting divorced, often the most valuable asset in the marriage is retirement. However, that asset is often divided UNEQUALLY…even […]

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Retirement Division

Pensions Pensions are significant marital asset. Unless parties agree otherwise a court in a divorce case may enter a Qualified […]

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What is the significance of the Date of Separation?

The Date of Separation is important because that is the day the community has come to an end…i.e., every dollar […]

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Community Property v. Separate Property

When people face a divorce, they are often clueless as to what they get to rightfully keep as their own separate property and […]

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