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Why Listening Matters

We’re taught at a very young age that it’s important to learn how to listen, but how often are we […]

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What It Means to Be Grateful

Every year at Thanksgiving my family goes around the table, and we share what we’re thankful for. Now it sounds […]

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How to Be Happy

This past weekend I spent Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, with my family in Arizona. Rabbi Bonnie Koppel gave […]

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How Far is Too Far in a Relationship?

On a daily basis, often on a subconscious level, we all make choices defined by emotional and physical boundaries. We […]

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ADR as First Career-Amanda

Yesterday I had a wonderful interview with Alyson Carrel, Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, Center on Negotiation and Mediation at Northwestern […]

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Fifteen Critical Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Becoming a Financial Victim If you suspect that your spouse is planning a divorce, make copies of all important financial […]

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Is there hope for my Blended Family?

Are you in a blended family that is driving you crazy? Are you getting ready to blend families? This transition […]

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Divorcecorp.com – the Movie

There is a new movie being released this month (January 2014), that exposes family court for what it really is. […]

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Why should I use Mediation?

While mediation has been around as a profession for over twenty years, it has only become mainstream in the last […]

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I am always surprised when my clients are stuck on an issue because they are looking to make things “fair”. […]

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