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Working with Other Professionals During Your Divorce Mediation

Often, we get questions from clients about whether they have to have an attorney to do mediation and sometimes they […]

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10 Inspirational Quotes for a Difficult Day

Going through a divorce can be difficult, here are 10 inspirational quotes for a difficult day to remind yourself that […]

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Why Listening Matters

We’re taught at a very young age that it’s important to learn how to listen, but how often are we […]

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How to Manage Your Stress During a Divorce

It is no secret that going through a divorce is stressful, even when each party approaches the process with a […]

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Building a Divorce Survival Kit

Before you embark on a long, dangerous hike, you wouldn’t just go out into the woods without supplies. You would […]

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Is Divorce Always the Answer?

Are you facing the tough and emotional question, “Should I get a divorce?” If you or someone you know is […]

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Can Mediation Work?

Wouldn’t it be great in life if we knew what would happen when we give something new a try? If […]

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Can divorcees be friends?

The ugly, desperate lows we often sink to in the heat of a divorce might make you think you would […]

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Are Divorced Families the new normal?

I’m sure most of us still believe in the dream of true love. Somewhere out there, our soul mate is […]

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The Child Tax Credit And Divorce

By Tom Norton, CPA, CDFA The child tax credit is available to all parents of a child under age 17, […]

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