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How to Overcome an Impasse

I often have clients ask how I handle an impasse in mediation. Here is an example of an email I […]

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Divorce Confidential: Mediation v. Litigation

When you are having a deeply personal and emotional moment, do you want an audience? Of course not! When you […]

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Mediation…the wave of the future?

Is mediation the wave of the future?  One can only hope! I have to say that I do believe it […]

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Why the new trend of couples divorcing late in life?

It is in the news and it is at our mediation table…couples divorcing after 20, 30, 40 years of marriage…why? […]

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Social Security and Divorce

This is an issue often overlooked when divorcing. You do have options when you get divorced…and if you have several […]

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Preparing for your Mediation

This is a great article summarizing what YOU need to do as the mediation participant to prepare yourself for mediation. It is also sets forth what you can and cannot expect from mediation. You should know what you are getting into, and know that mediation is a very different experience from litigation. While it is the best way, it does require YOU to make the decisions, speak up, and not allow agreements to be made that you dont agree with. If you have a hard time speaking up for yourself, you need to think abotu that and how you can change that in mediation.

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Lawyers vs. Mediators

If you are at the crossroads between deciding to move forward with a mediator or an attorney, this may be […]

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