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End of the Year Check-In: Post-Divorce Checklist

As we come to the end of yet, another year, it is always important to reflect on the year that […]

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Fifteen Critical Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Becoming a Financial Victim If you suspect that your spouse is planning a divorce, make copies of all important financial […]

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What exactly is a “Suspended Divorce”?

Sound odd? I thought so too. But there is such a thing. Basically, if there is some reason that you […]

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Why the new trend of couples divorcing late in life?

It is in the news and it is at our mediation table…couples divorcing after 20, 30, 40 years of marriage…why? […]

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Social Security and Divorce

This is an issue often overlooked when divorcing. You do have options when you get divorced…and if you have several […]

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What you dont know CAN hurt you!

When getting divorced, often the most valuable asset in the marriage is retirement. However, that asset is often divided UNEQUALLY…even […]

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Retirement Division

Pensions Pensions are significant marital asset. Unless parties agree otherwise a court in a divorce case may enter a Qualified […]

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