Anthony Snead, Mediation Coordinator at West Coast Family Mediation Center

Who is Anthony Snead?

From a young age, I have had a passion for helping others in any capacity I can. This may be volunteering at food banks or helping to console family or friends that are experiencing difficulties. I have spent my professional life working in several Customer Service focused environments and leadership roles. My passion for people has led me to always give everyone an inclusive and warm environment to thrive in and ensure they feel welcome. One of my favorite past times is music, my favorite being Jazz. I find comfort in the expression that it allows, being driven on individuality and spirit while mixing with others and creating a cohesive experience at the same time. Like Jazz, I enjoy helping people to communicate and grow to their highest potential to achieve their goals. I have found that all this and more is possible through leading with empathy and being open to multiple perspectives.

Why I chose to work in mediation

Growing up with parents who went through a very tumultuous divorce gave me a personal perspective on communication and parental support. I chose to use my people skills to help others during an emotional and often stressful time in their lives. Sometimes all you need is someone willing to listen and guide you in a positive direction. Seeing parents work together to ensure their kids have a healthy and positive environment to thrive in gives me hope and joy. Even for those without kids, this is a space to help everyone communicate in a positive form and to move forward despite their differences.

What I want clients to know

I am always eager and willing to help in any capacity I am able. We are all here to help you find the peace and hope you need in the next chapter of your story.

One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower.” – Leonard Nimoy as Spock


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