Establish paternity and determine a clear path forward

These days more couples are having children without getting married. Depending on your situation at the time the child is born, you may need help establishing paternity. As mediators, we can help you and the other parent establish paternity. We can also assist you in developing any parenting plan that may be necessary if you’re not living together.

Establishing paternity can ensure that your rights are solidified when it comes to your child. There are many benefits for your child, including the obvious benefits of financial support and health insurance, as well as eligibility for other public benefits if the child would be an heir to the father’s estate and the father is disabled or a veteran.

Establishing paternity is an important first step in obtaining child support

In addition to providing the basis for obtaining financial support from the other parent, establishing paternity gives a child born to unmarried parents the legal rights and privileges of a child born within a marriage. Those rights and privileges may include:

  • Support from both parents
  • Legal documentation of who their parents are
  • Access to family medical records (many diseases, illnesses, birth defects, and other health problems are passed to children by their parents)
  • Medical and life insurance coverage from either parent, if available
  • Inheritance rights
  • Social Security and Veteran’s benefits, if available
  • The emotional benefits of knowing who both parents are

Once paternity is established, a parenting plan is essential

In addition to establishing paternity, we can also work with both you and your co-parent to put in place a parenting plan that works for your lives. We understand that every family is different, and we want to make sure that you and your co-parent can cooperate to establish a plan that benefits both you and your child(ren).

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