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How to Heal Your Relationships After COVID19

The smoke is clearing, hope is on the horizon, COVID cases are dropping, and the thought of returning to a […]

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Grief Brain & Managing Relationships

By Rachel Vanni In this time, so many people are experiencing “grief-brain” at the same time. I know what you […]

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You Don’t Need Closure on Everything

I think something a lot of people struggle with is the idea that to have a healthy, thriving marriage, that […]

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Speaking Positively About Your Spouse Benefits You

Anyone who has been in a divorce understands the tendency to speak badly about the other person. Maybe they were […]

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Divorce Is Not a Personal Failure

While it is much more acceptable to talk about divorce than it was a few decades ago, it still has […]

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Just Let It Go: The Key to Peace with Your Ex

As many divorcing couples know, your ex has the unique ability to get under your skin in just the right […]

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How to Give Thanks for Your Divorce

Everyone goes through different stages when separating from your spouse. Maybe you were the initiator of the split, and you […]

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The Greatest Showman, Infidelity, and Marriage

Greatest Showman

By Jen Segura If only real life could be this way….*Warning, movie spoilers ahead* So… I finally had a chance […]

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How Not to Hate Your Spouse After Having Kids

divorce mediation

I am an avid audiobook listener… with two little kiddos at home, there is no time for relaxing and reading […]

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Coping with Your Emotions During and After Divorce

Here is a guest post by Natalie Cruz, who uses Expressive Arts Therapy to help families cope with the stress of […]

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