Bring two (or more) families together in harmony

Blended Family Mediation is a process designed to help two families come together, often after the parents have married or entered into a new relationship. It involves resolving many of the challenges and conflicts that can arise when combining different families, parenting, and children from previous relationships.

Discussing legal matters like custody and finances during a time of family transition can feel overwhelming and stressful. That's why at West Coast Family Mediation, we're more than just a team of experts—we're your allies in creating a brighter future for your family. We'll help you draft a tailored parenting plan suitable for court filing, all within a caring and confidential environment.

Finding harmony in a blended family can take time and ongoing effort, especially as relationships deepen and circumstances change. Whether you've just begun this journey or are a few years in, it's completely natural to get guidance along the way.

Our doors are always open for follow-up meetings. We're committed to helping you successfully apply the strategies we've discussed, ensuring you continue to build a loving, supportive environment for every family member.

A Holistic Approach to Blending Families

Our main goal as mediators is to make sure everyone's needs and concerns are heard. Here are some important points we consider when helping two families become one through our Blended Family Mediation Services:

Understanding & Understanding

Our first step as mediators is to understand the unique and multifaceted nature of each family, including the parents' background, values, and parenting practices. Secondly, we seek to understand the needs and concerns of the children.

Defining Responsibilities & Expectations

We believe that a vital part of mediation is to create clarity around the responsibilities and expectations of all blended family members, especially regarding parental roles, rules at home, and money.

Facilitating Communication

We encourage open and honest communication during sessions, and are present to assist in providing respectful responses. Each conversation is an opportunity for the family to practice using a new set of tools, maintaining a peaceful forum for all parties (even the little ones).

Setting Common Goals

Finally, we work with your family to identify common goals and shared values. This helps create unity and purpose in the blended family. A common goal could be a fun family vacation, in which case we can discuss ways in which all family members can help this goal become a reality.

During the process, we will work with you and your spouse to help you both better understand your financial situation, to determine your own money language and that of your partner, and provide a safe environment to have conversations about money. We will also discuss any changes necessary to make your future “money relationship” stronger. Our mediators will help you discuss the issues you and your spouse are struggling with and help increase your comfort level in speaking about money. Together we will put together a sound budget and determine the best way to structure the financial framework in your relationship to meet both of your needs. In this way, we can help you strengthen your relationship. Far too often we have seen couples who are getting divorced because of their financial stressors, and we can help you before it gets to that point.

Blended Family Mediation FAQ


What is Blended Family Mediation?

Blended family mediation can help you bring two (or more) families together in a respectful way. Just as mediation helped you through your divorce, it can also help you through this. Blending families can be one of the most stressful matters for a married couple, and the future of your family depends on all parties getting on the same page as soon as possible.

When is the ideal time to start Blended Family Mediation?

Most new blended families are not ready to begin the mediation process immediately. The truth of what it means to bring two families together can begin to set in after the first few years. The time to begin is whenever communication begins to break down.

What can we expect from the mediation session?

During mediation, your blended family will learn vital communication skills and perform a goal-setting exercise. Within the mediation sessions we will also work to address family-specific issues, developing problem-solving strategies and strategies that all family members can use when conflict arises.

Is mediation the same as family counseling or therapy?

Our Blended Family Mediation services are not the same as counseling or therapy, though we often work in tandem with, and are happy to refer you to, qualified mental health professionals.

What does Blended Family Mediation cost?

West Coast Family Mediationuses a flat fee model, so you will know from the start how much mediation will cost. Our flat rate packages include between two to six sessions, depending on the complexity of the case. At your initial free consultation, your mediator will discuss our fees, and you can decide which package is best for your situation.

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