Getting comfortable talking about money can be invaluable for your marriage

Similar to premarital financial planning, marital financial planning can be an enormous help to couples who are struggling financially and experiencing significant marital problems. Money is a serious stressor, and living in California makes it tough for even a median income household to keep the lights on. If you combine the high cost of living in California, the lack of high paying employment, the high cost of childcare, and the reality of other significant debts, like student loans, it is no wonder financial issues are one of the key reasons people separate. But if there is hope in the marriage, if there is love, respect, and trust still present in the marriage, then we want to help you learn how to speak each other’s money language before you throw in the towel!

Prevent or repair marital financial conflict

During the process, we will work with you and your spouse to help you both better understand your financial situation, to determine your own money language and that of your partner, and provide a safe environment to have conversations about money. We will also discuss any changes necessary to make your future “money relationship” stronger. Our mediators will help you discuss the issues you and your spouse are struggling with and help increase your comfort level in speaking about money. Together we will put together a sound budget and determine the best way to structure the financial framework in your relationship to meet both of your needs. In this way, we can help you strengthen your relationship. Far too often we have seen couples who are getting divorced because of their financial stressors, and we can help you before it gets to that point.

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