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San Diego Family Mediation Center

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Why should I come to San Diego Family Mediation Center?

There are two main reasons why you should choose the experienced mediators at SDFMC. First, we are dedicated to the […]

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What if we decide not to divorce?

Reconciliation does occasionally occur in our office. Sometimes all you need is effective communication to get your marriage back on […]

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Are agreements in mediation usually followed by the parties?

A marital settlement agreement (MSA) will be filed with the court and become your divorce judgment. The final order filed after […]

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What if I later want to modify the court order?

A parenting plan and/or support orders are always modifiable (unless the spousal support was agreed to be unmodifiable), but your […]

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How does the final agreement become an order of the court?

The final terms of the agreement are drafted into a marital settlement agreement (MSA). Each party has an opportunity to […]

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What if the mediation falls apart? What do I do then?

If you and your spouse have the desire to work together to solve conflict outside of the court system, you […]

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What if I am not getting divorced? How can mediation help me?

At San Diego Family Mediation, we mediate the following issues, in addition to divorce: Adoption; Pre-marital contracts (i.e., prenuptial agreements); […]

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How long will it take to mediate my case?

Each situation is unique and the length of time it will take to resolve the conflict in your case will […]

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Isn’t it going to be more expensive to hire both a lawyer and a mediator?

When you go through the court system, your lawyer is not your only litigation expense. There are a whole lot […]

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Why can’t we both agree to receive advice from you – our mediator?

Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit us (or any mediator) from advising you on your legal rights while we’re acting as your mediator. […]

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