We are passionate about conflict resolution

At West Coast Family Mediation Center, we are passionate about helping families resolve conflict, rebuild connection, and have a renewed sense of self, no matter the direction they choose. In line with these principles, we believe in the importance of our community and giving back. Take a look at the many different ways we serve our community.

If you have an idea for a community service project that promotes conflict resolution, contact us!

Community Workshops

Divorce is difficult for all parties. We strive to create ways that clients can be supported through the entire process. That is why we run quarterly workshops together with other professionals in the areas of mental health, therapy, finance, and more. If you are interested in attending or running a future workshop, contact Todd, our Director of Mediation Services, for more information.

Workshops we have hosted include:

Expressive Therapy Kids’ Workshop with Natalie Cruz, MA, REAT 

Natalie led the children and parents in an art project to help the children express their feelings around their parents divorce. 

Women’s Expressive Art Therapy Workshop with Natalie Cruz, MA, REAT

Natalie led a workshop for adult clients to use art to express their feelings. 

Men’s Support Workshop with Craig Lambert, LMFT

Craig held a support workshop for clients to meet and provide support from others going through divorce. 

Kids’ Turn San Diego

Kids’ Turn San Diego changes family relationships in positive ways so children experiencing family separations and divorce have happier childhoods and brighter futures. West Coast Family Mediation Center routinely donates to this great cause. We passionately believe that when children feel better about their family situations, they worry less about adult problems, do better in school, and have happier childhoods!

If you are interested in supporting Kids’ Turn San Diego, click here to donate.

San Diego Unified School District

When kids learn to solve problems through proper and peaceful communication, it can set them up for success. The team at West Coast Family Mediation Center has mediated in Mission Bay High School and we are actively looking for developing a program to further assist kids in our community. If you work for a local school and would like to participate in developing a conflict resolution workshop, we would love to hear from you.

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