Find solutions to marital issues that impact the whole family—together

Oftentimes, mediation for the whole family is necessary to improve communication and solve recurring issues. Blended families, for example, often face unique challenges that can be resolved through open communication with a certified mediator. Our team of mediators can also assist with trust and estate planning and distribution conflicts, establish parenting plans for never married couples and guide teens and their parents through transitions. Seeing as conflict can affect the entire family, the mediators at West Coast Family Mediation are equipped to navigate your family through difficult times.

Our mediators provide help families mediate family difficulties across California based out of San Diego.

Our Family Mediation Services

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Blended Family Mediation

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Establishing Paternity

Establish a co-parenting routine that caters to both parties

Alongside blended family mediation, estate distribution support, navigation through common teen issues, and paternity establishment, we know what it takes to draft a parenting plan that works for all parties involved. You could be going through a divorce, or have already finalized without a clear plan in place. Either way, the mediation experts at West Coast Family Mediation Center will guide you and your spouse towards an airtight co-parenting plans and custody agreements built on mutual trust and respect. Contact our offices to sort out day-to-day schedules, vacation time, holidays, and other components of your custody agreement.

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