The Employee Experience at our Mediation Firm (and why it matters)

Have you ever considered factors beyond the cost and values of a legal services firm? Today I’d like to discuss why the  employee experience at our mediation firm is an important factor in our success.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Mediation Firm

How employees are treated at a firm means just as much to potential clients as it does to potential staff.

As a customer, regardless of the service you seek, it’s crucial to find a company that aligns with your needs. Considering these aspects is crucial when aiming for a positive experience during a divorce, so you can select a team that is ready and open to meeting your specific needs.

Keep in mind that each firm differs, and the level of professionalism and flexibility varies depending on the organization.

Respect for Employee Choice

Think about how firms function. Do they provide their employees with schedule flexibility, such as the option to work from home or remotely?

Studies indicate that companies allowing employees a choice in their working conditions tend to enjoy higher employee satisfaction, resulting in better work quality and lower turnover. 

Diversity of Perspectives

What about the balance between collaboration and management styles?

A company’s values become apparent when employees are content and feel empowered to voice their opinions. Once an employee senses that their thoughts are not acknowledged or appreciated, the overall value of the company diminishes, affecting their dedication to providing the best service to the customers it serves.

Granting employees choices nurtures a level of trust and confidence in working relationships, fostering optimal collaboration among team members. It enables each employee to showcase their strengths and areas for improvement. Those who feel heard are more inclined to contribute innovative ideas, sustaining momentum within a team.

Collaborative Culture

Emphasizing collaboration over delegation and micromanagement ensures that customers and clients receive a well-rounded and anticipated experience when entering a professional relationship. Treating the individuals working for them with respect and understanding our shared humanity is key. The golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated is the ultimate way to prevent employee burnout, fostering a willingness to provide support and assistance when needed.

How important is it to have the unique opportunity to express my voice, make choices, and enjoy the freedom to contribute to the improvement and growth of both my personal and professional career?

Working here at West Coast Family Mediation has been a transformative experience. I’ve had the unique opportunity to express my voice, make choices, and enjoy the freedom to contribute to the improvement and growth of both my personal and professional aspects.

My positive employee experience at our mediation firm has helped me to hone my skills. Unlike previous workspaces that didn’t offer such opportunities, being a part of West Coast Family Mediation has truly shifted my perspective. This positive change is unmistakable in the quality and care that define the work we, as a team, deliver.

We offer free and confidential consultations for divorce, premarital mediation, and an array of family legal issues. Contact West Coast Mediation Center today to learn more about resolving your conflict with care.

by: Ahsha Mootz

Ahsha Mootz with west coast family mediation center

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