Make your marriage stronger with mediation

Marital mediation is a process for couples who are experiencing marital problems or difficulties, but would like to stay together. We will help you work through your issues in a constructive way by helping you learn new ways to resolve conflict and provide you with new tools to avoid divorce. Marital mediation is different from marital counseling and does not take the place of counseling obtained from a licensed mental health provider, so we encourage you to continue working with your counselor and/or therapist. A unique aspect of marital mediation is what we like to refer to as “sabotaging the divorce fantasy.” As part of the process, we will take a look at what your lives could look like 5 years down the road, should you opt to dissolve your marriage. Clients have expressed that this is an invaluable exercise in understanding what their options really look like. It is helpful to take a peek into the future to see if the grass really is greener. Marital mediation can be invaluable in helping you and your spouse develop concrete plans to address your marital conflicts and issues and avoid an uncertain future.

We have heard from many couples who, after learning conflict resolution skills in our divorce mediation, felt that if they had learned those skills while they were still married, they may not have needed to seek a divorce. Marital mediation will help you learn new techniques to identify and address conflicts in your marriage as well as brainstorm options for resolving them. Financial issues are frequently a source of conflict, and we are experts in helping you negotiate issues around money.

A marital contract can help keep your marriage healthy

You can contract before your marriage with a prenuptial agreement, and you can contract to end your marriage with a Marital Settlement Agreement. A marital contract, however, is a contract to keep your marriage. It is your choice whether or not to put your agreement in writing. Some couples feel that a verbal agreement is enough, but other couples find that a contract helps them solidify their vows and remain accountable to the agreements made within the sessions. After completing marital mediation with us, if you do wish to have a contract drawn up, we will draft an agreement setting forth what each of you has agreed to in order to maintain the relationship. You will then sign it as an agreement that if you do not hold up your end of the deal, divorce is likely to be the end result.

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