Who is Toby?

Toby was originally born in Thailand and adopted by Amanda and her husband Mike from the Barking Lot in El Cajon in January 2019. As a rescue, we are unsure exactly what type of dog he is, however, he is some kind of lab mix.  When seeing clients in person at the office, Toby can be found in Amanda’s office sleeping in the sun or wanting to be pet. Most people who meet him say he is one of the sweetest dogs they have ever met and he’s a calming force to our client’s going through a difficult time.  While he can be a bit timid at first he will most often come to greet you in the waiting area to say hi before your meeting starts. 

When he’s not in the office he enjoys long walks or hikes, running around dog beach, and playing with his squeaky toys.

What I want clients to know

If there is one thing I understand completely it’s starting over. For some, it may feel like a relief. For others, it may take the form of deep grief. It may be a bit of both and change depending on the day. My goal is to guide and inform clients thinking about mediation. I want our office to be a peaceful environment and refuge. I want everyone to feel comfortable, hopeful, and open to asking questions.

About Amanda Singer

Services highlight: premarital mediation

I enjoy working with couples before they get married through the following services:

  • Premarital Mediation: I want to give you the tools to have a healthy relationship and start your marriage off on solid ground so that you will never end up back in my office for a divorce. If we can help you improve your communication now, before you face challenges, then you’ll be able to work together to problem-solve.
  • Premarital Financial Planning: the most significant issue we see in couples getting divorced has to do with finances. Too many couples never took the time before getting married to discuss their spending and saving habits, their debt, credit scores, and their thoughts on money.
  • Prenuptial (Premarital) Agreements: without a prenup, if you get divorced, the Family Law of the state of California prevails, which you and your spouse might not agree with. Putting down on paper how you both want to handle your separate and community property provides an opportunity to have control “in case of emergency” (divorce). Having a prenup can also reduce future conflicts since you have already hashed out details in your agreements.

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