Start your marriage off on the right foot through open communication

Our team of mediators also provide premarital and marital mediation (including mediating financial issues), as well as drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. With our premarital mediation services, you can ensure a healthy marriage through honest, open communication from the beginning. And through our marital mediation services, your marriage can return to a healthy state. The mediation experts at West Coast Family Mediationall have law degrees and extensive mediation training to guide you through your premarital and marital mediation.

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Premarital Mediation Services

Premarital mediation is an excellent way to forge a strong marital foundation from the very start. Discussing your expectations from the marriage, finances, and marital roles is crucial to starting off on the right foot, and although plenty of couples do so in private, a professional can offer many stress-saving benefits. By engaging in premarital mediation, you can conduct those sensitive conversations prior to walking down the aisle - rather than putting out marital fires years later.

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