Create a new co-parenting relationship based on mutual respect

If you are reading about parenting plans, you are probably struggling with your current parenting plan or have yet to create a parenting plan that works. You may be going through a divorce, or you have already divorced and need assistance with creating a parenting plan that works for everyone. Or you may never have married, but you have a child together with your former partner and want to successfully co-parent with them. Whatever your situation, as your mediator we will work with you and the other parent to create a co-parenting plan that is built on mutual respect, patience, and consistency for you and your child(ren).

It is our goal as mediators to provide you with all of the necessary tools to successfully co-parent, as well as the reassurance that your child(ren) will thrive. As part of a parenting plan, we will provide you with helpful resources, including professional referrals, books for you and your children, as well as methods that will help smooth your family’s transition.

Custody & visitation without the conflict

Parenting plans, also known as, “custody agreements,” are agreements that solidify your day-to-day schedules, vacation time, holidays, support needs, and any other circumstances that apply to your family. A parenting plan is a living document that will continually evolve as your children grow. As your mediators, we will work with you to cover every aspect of your future parenting arrangement in detail. The parenting plan we create together will have a built-in framework to solve any future conflicts without having to run to court. We achieve this in part by planning for common situations and disagreements that may arise over time.

Should the children have a say?

If you believe your children are old enough to have a say in your parenting plan, we welcome a chance to speak with them. We also respect your choice if you prefer to keep your children out of the mediation process. Every family has different needs, and your children may require less or more involvement in the plan for it to be beneficial. As parents, you know what is best for your children. If the need does arise, we also have therapists we work with to provide one-on-one services for you and your children.

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