Change after divorce is a given, and we can help ease the way

When your marriage comes to an end, your romantic relationship may be over, but your relationship to each other will continue to evolve over time. If you have children together or pay spousal support, you are still legally connected to your spouse. Part of our job as mediators is to write your marital settlement agreements to account for common life changes, but sometimes things that can’t be predicted will occur. When this happens, you may need a post-divorce modification. It is a common misconception that you must go to court to modify your marital settlement agreement. In fact, you can work with a mediator to accomplish this without having to set foot inside a courtroom.

If you and your former spouse live far apart, we can accomplish mediation or negotiation via Zoom, telephone, or email if necessary.

Common reasons to modify your divorce settlement

Circumstances in your lives may change as you and your former spouse follow your separate paths. As your children grow, their needs will inevitably change. The most common circumstances for modification include:

  • Change in your income
  • Change in custody time
  • Change in ex-spouse’s income
  • Change in the child’s schedule
  • Change in the parent’s work schedule
  • Change in spouse’s habitation or marital status
  • Moving requests

If you are unsure whether recent changes in your circumstances would require a modification, simply give us a call and we can help you determine if one is necessary.

You can modify your parenting plan with mediation

If you need to modify a parenting plan, mediation is your best option to avoid lengthy litigation. All that is required of you and your co-parent is to agree to participate in mediation in order to establish a mutually beneficial arrangement. For most clients, it only takes one or two sessions to concur on a new parenting plan. Once you have agreed on the new plan, we will draft the new plan and file it with the court on your behalf. Once filed, the modification will become the new court order.

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