Divorce is hard on teens and their parents

Going through a divorce is tough on children no matter what their age. However, teenagers are in a state of transition with their own lives, which can make any life change even more difficult. Being a teenager is hard enough without the stress of your parents getting a divorce. Sometimes teens are going through other stressful situations unrelated to a divorce or separation. Are you worried about their new group of friends, potential substance abuse, or suffering grades? Perhaps you are concerned that your blended family has proved to be more challenging than anticipated. Mediation can assist you in opening up important conversations with your teen.

Develop better communication strategies with your teen

Before we can begin the mediation process, you will want to discuss mediation with the other parent. It can be helpful to present information about mediation and what you can achieve by talking to a neutral party. After the other parent is onboard, you can contact us to set up a time for us to meet and discuss with you (the parents) about the situation at hand. We will determine whether your teen is a good candidate for mediation and what we can do to help.

If the decision is made to proceed with mediation, it will consist of working together—mediator, parents, and child(ren)—to learn better communication strategies to help you get through difficult times. These are valuable skills that will help all of you throughout your lifetimes, and you and your teen will be able to apply these tools to potential future conflicts that may arise for you.

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