Importance of Time Management Skills to Avoid Unnecessary Stress

There is nothing that can describe the sheer panic one feels when a deadline is approaching or has already been missed. This is a feeling we all have experienced at least once in our lives. As I have transitioned into my role as the Mediation Services Manager, there have been moments where the stress is permeable through an email or phone call. Although there are very few deadlines that will upend your case in mediation, there are time management skills that allow us to keep a case progressing.

At West Coast Family Mediation Center, we give clients realistic and actionable deadlines to produce items we are asking of them. By doing so we hope to maintain transparency and create motivation in completing items in a timely manner. The process of divorce itself is stressful. By utilizing the help that is available to clients throughout their case and time management skills, we hope that the amount of stress they feel can be minimized.  

Time Management Skills within the Workforce

As individuals who work full days in the office, we understand that most of our clients are also individuals within the workforce. Understandably it is difficult to want to review or compile documents after a long day when all you want to do is relax. By setting actionable deadlines for our clients, the goal is that a clear set date will not only motivate the client but their spouse as well to get items completed in time. The Mediation process is non-compulsory, which means we are limited in that we can’t force clients to participate throughout the process in a timely manner. The actionable deadlines aid in the natural flow of work consistently being done and produced on a case, resulting in less stress. Most importantly, time management skills makes it clear to clients what is expected of them.  

Time Management Skills in Mediation

When a deadline is missed it impacts the time of everyone involved. It may also mean that a case does not progress in the way or at the speed a client would prefer considering it drastically eliminates the time to gather information, review, and correct mistakes. Missed internal deadlines can result in the need to reschedule meetings, alter documents, or put a case farther behind; all resulting in unnecessary stress for all parties.  

If a deadline is approaching and a client feels they are not able to complete a task, transparency is the best course of action. If we know what is going on with a client, we are then able to step in and work with them to make reasonable steps to resolve the issue at hand as well as communicate that to the other party. Having our clients work with us to meet deadlines immediately reduces any chance to stress about missed items falling through the cracks. Having everyone on the same page regarding setting a deadline for your case will result in your case flowing as smoothly as possible with minimal hiccups from start to finish.  

Tips for Effective Time Management Skills

  1. Prioritize tasks and do the hardest ones when you feel good to dedicate the time to complete them
  2. Plan and give yourself enough time to complete a task 
  3. Do not over schedule yourself as this will only cause more stress 
  4. Reach out to a team member if you need help  

Stay tuned for more life hack tips from West Coast Family Mediation Center.

by: Ahsha Mootz

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