Celebrating Your Divorce

Syeda Neary (Sy), a certified life coach and a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) sat down to chat with Professional Family Mediator Amanda Singer to talk about how to celebrate the unique transition of divorce and how to take a positive … Read More

Evidence During Divorce Litigation

Professional Family Mediator David P. Dowling & Swati Desai, Esq. of the Desai Family Law Group discuss the evidence you will need if you decide to litigate your divorce case. Join us for this informative discussion as we explore the … Read More

How to Survive Loss and Reinvent Your Life

Rachel Vanni shares with Professional Family Mediator Jen Segura her personal journey of loss of her husband and 3-year-old daughter and how she manages grief, loss, and rebuilt her life from the ground up.

Fear of the Unknown with Cindy Gatlin

The market has been up and down the last few months and everything feels really uncertain. Cindy Gatlin of Bridge North Advisors will talk about what you should be doing right now to prepare for the unknown.

How to Thrive as Co-Parents

Cindy Grossman of Kids’ Turn San Diego and Amanda Singer of SDFMC discuss tools every parent can use to effectively co-parent together.

Divorce & Bankruptcy: How & When

Bankruptcy Attorney Larissa L. Lazarus and Professional Mediator Jen Segura discuss how to file bankruptcy before or during a divorce, options couples have, and more!

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