Ask a Divorce Expert: Q&A with Katy Goshtasbi, J.D, Founder of Puris Consulting

portrait of Katy Goshtasbi, attorney and executive coach

Welcome to our series of guest Q&As with divorce experts. We, as mediators, often have the opportunity to collaborate with other talented professionals from various disciplines. We all have a stake in our clients’ well-being, during and after divorce. 

Meet Katy Goshtasbi: an attorney and executive coach specializing in transformational leadership and the transitions required on the journey to transformational leadership. She founded Puris Consulting, where her clients include C-Suite executives and those navigating changes in order to transform and grow personally and professionally.

We asked Katy about her coaching style and divorce advice – read on to learn more about her. 

Can you tell us about Transition Coaching, and what clients can expect?

K.G.: Any change/transition in life can feel daunting and scary. I’ve dealt with my fair share of transitions and understand. Divorce is no exception and often feels like being in “long-term limbo.” My goal is to get you out of limbo faster and sooner so you can move on with your life.

Clients can expect a safe, confidential, intimate, cooperative, fun experience. Yes, fun! You get to safely uncover the real you and sleep well at night knowing that you are on the right path for the highest good as you move on with your life.

Our work together allows for you to be prepared emotionally to deal effectively with mediation and get the most value out of your mediation sessions. We work on topics such as communication, needs/wants, values, goals, triggers.

My work is complementary to therapy and yet very different. I see all my clients as whole, resourceful, capable and ready to grow. My clients inspire me. I put tools in their toolbox and together we create an intentional plan for their future – whatever they want is possible!

?What type of client do you see? Or, who is your ideal client

K.G.: My clients include anyone wanting to easily and gracefully manage the transitions in their life in order to be successful personally and professionally. This ranges from CEO and C-suite executives/employees looking to grow in their careers, deal with mergers/acquisitions, or those seeking to retain & engage top talent in this highly competitive market. This also includes anyone going through personal transitions such as divorce, death/loss, career/life shifts.

The ideal client is open, curious, sincere and serious about living a transformed life and leading themselves and others from this place of clarity and consistency. They recognize they have a purpose to serve and are ready and willing to discover/rediscover who they are so they can go farther and faster in the world. Everything we do is in furtherance of clients becoming transformational leaders- whatever that means for them, tailored to their specific situation and desires.

What piece of advice would you offer to a couple going through a divorce?

K.G.: Divorce, like any other change you face in your life, can feel not only sad but also scary as you navigate through the unknown waters of life. You may feel alone. You may have questions. There is definitely a loss that needs to be addressed and honored because you are experiencing a change in role/status from being a “spouse” to being a “single” individual.

It’s time for you to slowly, at your own pace, get ready to “own” the beautiful, talented being that you are. Worthy of all good things – married or divorced. Your amazing brand is unshakeable and ready to be unearthed and set free.

No one can do it all alone. No one should have to navigate life changes and transitions all by themselves. Everyone needs a guide and a catalyst. I’m your guide and catalyst.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about you or your business?

K.G.: This is my second career.  I practiced as a successful securities lawyer until I realized that my natural talents and skills were needed in coaching. Clients often call our work “therapeutic” and in furtherance of their careers/business.  My perspective and coaching is harmonized:  I offer linear, left-brain, pragmatic coaching and tools AND creative, inspirational, right-brained tools tied to a greater good.

I believe in giving back to our community. My husband and I also founded our non-profit, Josie’s Home, to service three sectors of the community who are no longer wanted due to age.

To learn more about Katy Goshtasbi and her coaching services, visit her website at

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