When you are looking for a Del Mar divorce mediation, you need someone who understands the particular issues you face. You may have considerable business interests, investment property, or high-net-worth that you are concerned about. Our mediators are also Certified Divorce Financial Analysts. We have the training and experience to be able to fairly divide your assets in the best way possible to void tax complications and penalties. Unlike other Del Mar divorce attorneys, our mediation process is affordable. Del Mar divorce mediation is a fraction of the cost of hiring a family law attorney. The entire process is completely confidential and voluntary. Contact our mediators for details about your Del Mar divorce.

Del Mar Divorce Mediation Process

Unfortunately, many people know how the Del Mar divorce litigation process goes. Many people get sucked into a high-conflict process that leaves neither party satisfied. In mediation, we can complete all necessary court paperwork without you having to go into the courtroom. We can process everything, file, and serve, all paperwork for you. The entire Del Mar divorce process is complex enough, you shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of completing difficult and complex paperwork. The typical Del Mar divorce process goes as follows:

  1. Come in for a free initial consultation with our experienced Del Mar mediators
  2. In the first session in which we complete the Petition and associated paperwork along with establishing a parenting plan and support moving forward.
  3. In subsequent sessions, we go over finances, assets, debts, and how to divide things fairly so that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.
  4. Once an agreement is made, we draft a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) that parties are free to take and review to make any necessary changes.
  5. Once both parties agree on the MSA, a final signing is completed and final documentation is sent to the court to be signed by the judge.
  6. After the judge signs and sends back the filed paperwork, each party gets a copy of the agreement.

Contact Us for Del Mar Divorce Mediation Services

We are here for you when it comes to getting divorced in Del Mar. We take a low-conflict approach that promotes stability and a positive co-parenting relationship. Jen and Amanda are dedicated to resolving your issues and completing your divorce with the help and input of both parties. Contact us today at (858) 736-2411.

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