Divorce can be one of the hardest events anyone ever goes through. It is important that you choose the right method when completing your divorce. Divorce mediation is a great low-conflict method for completing your divorce that is more affordable and quicker than traditional litigation. If you are in North County San Diego, you may be looking for a divorce mediator in Encinitas. While our office isn’t in Encinitas, we are close by and are happy to discuss your many options for scheduling a free initial consult either over the phone or in person.

What We Do at West Coast Family Mediation Center

We help couples get through the divorce process in a respectful and timely manner. We do not believe in “us versus them” but rather bringing both sides together to communicate effectively, leading to a mutually beneficial solution. All our mediators have their law degrees, but we do not act in the capacity of your legal counsel. We are a third-party neutral, which means, we facilitate conversations and gather information to get you through the process, not represent you legally.

How to Choose a Divorce Mediator in Encinitas

When choosing a divorce mediator in Encinitas, there are a few key things you will want to find out. Firstly, is your mediator an attorney first and mediator second? Attorneys that do mediation on the side tend not to make that the focus of their practice. Unfortunately, it can show up in the confrontational attitude that is required as a legal advocate crossing over into mediation. Find a firm that puts mediation as the focus of the practice, not a side thought.

Secondly, you will want to meet your mediator in person and see how you mesh. Sometimes a mediator may look great on paper, but you just don’t feel like they are a good fit. That is why it is so important for you to attend the initial consultation meeting with your spouse.

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