When you are looking for a divorce mediator in UTC San Diego, you may be a bit overwhelmed. There are many UTC family law attorneys in the area who also advertise divorce mediation. However, not every mediator is the same. Litigators love to litigate. It is much more expensive, many more hours for your attorney, so what would be the motivation for them to help you through the process in a low-conflict manner? San Diego Family Mediation Center only mediates divorce cases. We focus on getting you and your spouse through the dissolution process in a peaceful manner.

No Court, No Problem

When you choose divorce mediation, you never have to step foot into a courtroom. Everything for your UTC divorce is done in the office with a trained divorce mediator. We can go through all the paperwork with you and file it without you having to stand in line at the courthouse.

Completely In Your Control

The one thing about mediation that gives it a distinct advantage over litigation is control. You have control over your own divorce. When you go into court, you put that control in the hands of the judge. When it comes to something as personal as your family, the last thing you want is someone else making decisions about it. Imagine having someone else deciding when you can and cannot see your children. Mediation allows each party to have their say and come up with creative solutions to their divorce.

UTC Divorce Mediation

We proudly serve the University City area in San Diego. Our office is conveniently located in Del Mar, just a hop, skip, and a jump from UTC. Schedule a 45-minute FREE consultation with one of our divorce mediators today to discuss the mediation process and what you can expect.

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