Whether you are getting divorced, trying to resolve a co-parenting issue, or just having some financial difficulties within your marriage that are causing conflict, mediation is an excellent choice to discuss these complex topics. When looking for the right San Diego mediation center, you may need to do some research. We will go through finding the right mediator for you, what to expect, and how to move forward.

How to Find the Right Mediator

The right mediator is a subjective topic. The right mediator for one couple may not be correct for another. The perfect fit is all about doing your research, speaking with the mediator, and deciding if their mediation style meshes well with you and the other party. There are many great mediators in the San Diego area, so eventually, you will find one that fits your style.

We highly recommend using a San Diego mediation center with skilled and experienced staff. While it isn’t required that mediators have their law degree, we believe it is critical in understanding the consequences and impacts of making certain choices. While a third-party neutral doesn’t represent either party, they can give a broad overview of the legal environment and the options you have during mediation. If you want personalized advice, you can always add the advice of a personal attorney.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Many mediators do their initial consultation virtually for the convenience of the client. You will schedule this meeting with the mediation coordinator, who will take your information, schedule an appointment, and provide you with instructions. While you don’t need any extensive information on this first meeting, it would be helpful to write down any pressing questions you may have about the mediation process, your case, and any concerns.

The consultation is all about getting to know you, your situation and seeing if mediation is the right fit for what you require.

How to Move Forward with the San Diego Mediation Center You Have Chosen

If you feel as though mediation is a good fit for you, you will notify the mediator at the San Diego mediation center that you have chosen. They will then provide you with further instructions on information to bring to your next meeting and schedule your first sessions. Sessions are typically two hours in length, and most couples need between two to four sessions to complete a typical divorce. This time may vary widely depending on the particular circumstances in each case.

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