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Benefits of Blended Family Mediation

Merging two families is tough, especially when there are children involved. Kids that were once strangers are now siblings. You […]

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Divorce and New Kids with New Spouses

In our hearts, we all hope for the best as we proceed through key life transitions. Naturally, we feel optimistic […]

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Suddenly Becoming a Trustee of an Estate

I think we can all agree that we feel most insecure when suddenly, the order and direction of our daily […]

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The Child Tax Credit And Divorce

By Tom Norton, CPA, CDFA The child tax credit is available to all parents of a child under age 17, […]

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A Setback for the Freedom to Marry

  A Setback for the Freedom to Marry     Dear Jennifer, Moments ago, the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

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What Does Child Support Cover in California and How Is It Calculated?

What Does Child Support Cover in California

Child Support Guidelines: A parent’s first and principal obligation is to support his/her minor children A parent shall pay the […]

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Is there hope for my Blended Family?

Are you in a blended family that is driving you crazy? Are you getting ready to blend families? This transition […]

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