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Custody & Visitation

Custody & Visitation Without the Conflict

If you are reading about parenting plans, you are probably struggling with your current parenting plan or have yet to create a parenting plan that works. Some of our clients were never married but have a child together and need to work together to successfully co-parent. Many clients are going through a divorce, or have been divorced and need assistance with creating a parenting plan that makes sense for everyone. Our experienced San Diego mediators work with you and the other parent to create a co-parenting plan and foster a relationship that is built on mutual respect, patience and consistency for you and your children.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

Parenting plans, also known as, “custody agreements,” are agreements that solidify a day-to-day schedule, your vacation time, your holidays, support, and any other specific times or events that apply to your family. A parenting plan is a living document that will continually change as your children grow. Our mediators understand this, and will thoroughly discuss what you and your family can expect as things progress. We will thoroughly discuss every aspect of your future parenting arrangement in detail. Our mediators run through multiple scenarios to try and predict potential situations and disagreements that may arise. We put the necessary framework into your agreement to solve any future conflicts without having to run to court. Your parenting plan will include:

  • Days and times that each parent will have the children
  • Holidays and vacation guidelines
  • Religious considerations
  • How parents can communicate with child while at other parent’s home
  • Child support payments
  • Other specific terms you and your partner want to add

Should Our Kids Have a Say?

If your children are old enough that you feel they should have a say in the parenting plan, we welcome a chance to speak with them. We also absolutely respect if you prefer to keep your children out of the mediation process. Each family’s needs are different, and your children may need less or more involvement to cope properly. You are the parents and know what is best for your children. If the need arises, we have therapists we work with to provide other one-on-one services for you and your children.

We want you both to walk out of the parenting session feeling like you have received all the necessary tools to utilize as you progress through the process. Be reassured that you can successfully co-parent and that your children will be OK. We provide you with several resources, including books for you and your children as well as ideas to help you both transition.

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