Who Is Todd Singer?

Since an early age, I have loved learning and using my drive to help people. My family helped instill this in me from an early age through a focus on education, our volunteer work, and an emphasis on the essential humanity of every individual. I seek to use my skills and education to bring this focus to my mediation clients. 

I completed my undergrad degree at George Washington University in Washington DC in Middle East Studies and knew that I wanted to continue on to graduate school, however wasn’t certain upon graduation what I wanted that to be in.  After working for a few years after undergrad and gaining experience in the law I decided to apply to law school and earned my JD from UC Davis School of Law. The law was an area where I felt challenged and enjoyed the way of thinking and problem solving.  To this day if I don’t know the answer to something I will do the research necessary to find out the answer and always continue my passion for learning.

I am thrilled to be a part of West Coast Family Mediation, where we really put the family in family mediation as Amanda is my older sister. I had learned about mediation both in law school and from her throughout the years and was excited to join the team in December 2018 and complete my mediation training soon after that.  The work we do goes a long way towards helping people achieve lasting agreements with their financial, emotional, and mental well-being intact, and I am proud to be a part of it. 

In my free time I enjoy TV shows, video games, yoga, and hanging out with my cat, Leo.

Why I chose to work in mediation

I grew up in a family where community service was a regular focus and started at a young age. We volunteered at homeless shelters regularly and were taught these ideals in synagogue and at home. My mother is also a therapist, so I grew up learning the importance of empathy and helping others.

During my years in college at George Washington University, I learned even more about psychology. When I graduated, I knew I wanted to help people but wasn’t sure how. I ended up working for a non-profit in the New England area, working on public interest campaigns focused on questions of the law and how it can serve people. This experience showed me how I could marry my upbringing with my burgeoning interest in the law, and by the following year, I was entering law school at UC Davis. 

In law school, I embraced my love of learning and pursued my hope to help people. After graduation, I sought a place to put this into action and am thrilled to be a part of the important work we do at West Coast Family Mediation.

I am a member of Lawyers Club of San Diego and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

What I want clients to know

While it won’t always be easy, I am here to help you find a resolution. We have the experience, tools, and resources to help you move forward through whatever issues you are trying to address. I have worked in both high-stress and high-conflict situations and I am committed to helping you succeed.

About Amanda Singer

Services highlight: premarital mediation

I enjoy working with couples before they get married through the following services:

  • Premarital Mediation: I want to give you the tools to have a healthy relationship and start your marriage off on solid ground so that you will never end up back in my office for a divorce. If we can help you improve your communication now, before you face challenges, then you’ll be able to work together to problem-solve.
  • Premarital Financial Planning: the most significant issue we see in couples getting divorced has to do with finances. Too many couples never took the time before getting married to discuss their spending and saving habits, their debt, credit scores, and their thoughts on money.
  • Prenuptial (Premarital) Agreements: without a prenup, if you get divorced, the Family Law of the state of California prevails, which you and your spouse might not agree with. Putting down on paper how you both want to handle your separate and community property provides an opportunity to have control “in case of emergency” (divorce). Having a prenup can also reduce future conflicts since you have already hashed out details in your agreements.

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