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What to Do With Your Home During a Divorce

your home

For many people, their home is their biggest asset. Aside from finances, a marital home holds a lot of emotional […]

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How to Plan an Affordable Divorce

Everyone knows that getting divorced can cost you. But many people don’t realize how incredibly expensive the entire process is. […]

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You Would Be Surprised How Much a San Diego Divorce Costs

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, or perhaps you are in the middle of one, you probably aren’t […]

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Why Conflict Costs More: Financial Benefits of Mediation

It is no secret that divorce litigation is extremely expensive. In the United States, the average cost of a divorce […]

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Divorce Confidential: Mediation v. Litigation

When you are having a deeply personal and emotional moment, do you want an audience? Of course not! When you […]

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Divorce Mediation

Once you have decided to get a divorce, it is time to decide on how to proceed. Many couples make […]

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Divorce and New Kids with New Spouses

In our hearts, we all hope for the best as we proceed through key life transitions. Naturally, we feel optimistic […]

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I WANT to get divorced, but do not know where to start…

If this is something that you are thinking, you have come to the right place. The best thing about our […]

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Mediation…the wave of the future?

Is mediation the wave of the future?  One can only hope! I have to say that I do believe it […]

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529 Plans and Divorce – Community Property to Be Divided?

529 Plans and Divorce

When it comes to 529 Plans and Divorce, there are a lot of questions. Here is a breakdown of what […]

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