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Working with Other Professionals During Your Divorce Mediation

Often, we get questions from clients about whether they have to have an attorney to do mediation and sometimes they […]

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Why Do We Not Talk About Money?

Recently I was catching up with a friend from college, and we started talking about money. The conversation soon turned […]

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End of the Year Check-In: Post-Divorce Checklist

As we come to the end of yet, another year, it is always important to reflect on the year that […]

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4 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

4 questions to ask your partner before marriage

When you are planning a wedding, you think about the venue, the food, the guest list, and the honeymoon, but […]

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How Divorce Can Impact Your Taxes

While you hopefully have already completed your taxes for 2015, you may already to starting to wonder about how your […]

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Biggest Financial Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is no walk in the park. It is a complex and often confusing process. When you choose […]

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Getting a Divorce? San Diego’s Best Resources

Getting a divorce is incredibly difficult, both financially and emotionally. Achieving dissolution with minimal stress and frustration takes a team […]

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