What Is The First Contact With a Divorce Mediation Center Like?

As someone who struggles with anxiety, taking the first step into the unknown can be challenging. What questions should I ask? What’s the process like? What do I need to have prepared? How much will it cost? Start with a deep breath; after all, you’ve already turned the page to your life’s next chapter.

As your first point of contact, I’ll be the one to call or email you to get set up for a consultation. The consultation is geared to help answer your questions on the process and choose the best option for both of you to move forward. These are just a few of the things a mediator will go through. Though we do encourage both parties to join, some people are at the beginning stages of having these conversations with the other person(s). That’s ok. Having some of the answers may help to make those conversations easier to have.

The best advice I can give is to flow with the process. As the first person you speak to, my main goal is to listen and help in any way possible. I have found that simply being there and providing a safe space for people to express their needs or emotions allows everyone to feel more relaxed and comfortable. My goal is to help you through the process in any way I can, which may be something as simple as getting you scheduled or even being someone who will help answer general questions. Your mediator may not always be available at the moment, but that is where I come in. I’m always a call or an email away; even if I don’t have the answer, I will get you in the right direction.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is, “How long will the process take?” I always find this a hard question, as the truth is that it’s not the same for everyone. Like the aging of fine wine, achieving the desired results takes time and care. Our goal is to move at a pace that suits everyone while keeping the process going.

Want to begin the process? Contact West Coast Family Mediation Center at (858) 736-2411. We can answer your questions regarding the first step.

by: Anthony Sneed

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  • I have been separated and living in Arizona. My wife has been been able to take care of her self due to a large settlement she has gotten in 2019. I have started a secure job a few months ago and now she feels i can afford to pay alimony and has filed for divorce. there is so much to say besides i make 52,000 gross. my income has been this way for the past 4 years. But her income if the same last 4 years shows she has had a higher income. she is at this time on ssi from a traffic accident earlier this year, lives with another man but says he does not and has not held a job in the past 4 years because of her windfall but now has blown it but some she hide in a IRA. I am doing a self help filling which must be filled 9/15/2022, with my court date which i have to do by web cam. lastly it was a long term marriage and all assets were divided in 2018. I struggle still from past debts, unsure if i should have a lawyer but i really dont have the money to do so.

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