What to Do If You and Your Spouse Have Different Political Views

It is no secret that opposites can attract. However, politics has become more and more divided as we inch closer to the election. Tensions between spouses already are running high due to the pressures of COVID19, how is a marriage going to survive if both spouses hold completely different political views? It isn’t easy, but it is possible. It comes down to a key component of any marriage: respect.

Agree to Disagree

If you and your spouse have completely opposite political views, it doesn’t have to destroy your marriage. Instead, it will be a test of patience for each of you. At some point, you will be required to agree to disagree. By conceding, it doesn’t mean you are wrong. It doesn’t mean you aren’t passionate about your views. It simply means you respect your spouse by extending an understanding and acceptance that you just think differently.

Debate Policy, Don’t Get Personal

Sometimes being married to someone with different political views can be a benefit. You can have an in-depth discussion and debate about meaningful issues. It can be exciting and fun to explore each other’s thought processes. After all, if you were married to someone who was a complete clone of yourself, it would be quite boring. However, in these discussions, stick to policy and don’t get personal. Always end your talks with a compliment and a loving affirmation about your spouse.

Don’t Always Talk About Politics

While politics seems to be in our faces 24/7, don’t make that the main aspect of your communication with your spouse. In order to minimize conflict, try to carve out specific times to make that a center of discussion. If you would like to rant, rave, or blow off some steam, do that with like-minded friends who can understand your views. Just make sure not to bad-mouth your spouse for their political views. Essentially, don’t say anything about your spouse that you wouldn’t say in front of them.

Politics is a hot-button issue and very important in our society. It is possible to be married to someone who thinks differently, but you just have to make a concerted effort to communicate effectively and come together after any high-conflict discussions.

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