Divorce Confidential: Mediation v. Litigation

When you are having a deeply personal and emotional moment, do you want an audience? Of course not! When you are going through divorce litigation, all your personal grievances are thrust in to the public as you attempt to hash out the terms of your divorce in front a courtroom full of strangers. It is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and completely not necessary. Divorce mediation can provide you with a safe and confidential environment to complete your divorce.

Financial Security

When you are getting a divorce, you are required to reveal to your spouse all your assets and debts. In litigation, you serve copies of all your financial documents to each other and end up discussing those finances in open court. Anything you discuss in court goes on the record. No one wants his or her financial information being publically discussed and dissected. That is the ugly side effect of divorce litigation.

In mediation, you are still required to disclose all your assets and debts, but all discussion of your finances remains confidential. Your mediator is ethically bound not to discuss your case outside of the mediation room unless both parties give permission to do so. Compared to litigation, you have much more control over the dissemination of your financial information.

Speak Your Mind

In litigation, everything that is submitted to the court becomes part of the public record. You may feel restricted in expressing your feelings about a particular part of the process because everything is being recorded. After your divorce process is completed, you may feel a lack of closure and uneasiness.

In mediation, you can speak freely regarding each issue in your divorce. Everything discussed within the mediation session is 100% confidential. The court process tends to ignore the large emotional component of a divorce. Mediation can allow you and your spouse to work together to create a better post-divorce relationship with all the privacy you deserve.

If you are interested in mediation as a method to complete your divorce, contact the West Coast Family Mediation Center at (858) 736-2411.


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