Scheduling with Calendly: Getting the Most out of Your Time

Most people know that scheduling can be an integral part of having a positive experience in any realm of life. We know that as you arescheduling with Calendly navigating a new chapter and charting your new journey, the last thing you need is to stress over getting scheduled with your mediator. Even from getting you set up for a consultation, we utilize Calendly to make your experience as simple as we can! The best part about scheduling with Calendly is the ease.

Calendly’s Poll Feature

When it comes to getting both parties set up for joint meetings, we rely on Calendly’s poll feature, which has been a game changer to cut down on back-and-forth emailing to find the best date and time to meet.  

The poll has become a vital part of streamlining your experience, it allows you to get the most out of your time by finding the best time for you both to meet. This is where utilization of the poll comes in, it can be easy and fun it doesn’t have to be a drag! The secret to success with the poll is making sure each person votes for every option that they might be able to meet for, don’t worry I’ll explain what that means in the next paragraph. The secret to getting the best use out of your time is letting us know as much in advance as what dates and times will work for you, we know life changes on a whim. By having multiple votes within the poll, makes it easier to have backup dates in the event of an unforeseen change of plans.  

Scheduling with Calendly

Calendly is a wonderful tool, but there is a bit of a trick in the poll that can trip you up. After you’ve made your votes, you want to make sure you hit the next button which will allow you to share your name and e-mail. After entering your information, select share, doing so allows everyone to see your votes. Remember I told you the best way to get the most out of your time is to maximize your clicks! If you don’t submit your information and click “share” your results, we won’t know that you took the time to share your availability with us. Now some of you may be reading this and panicking because it doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the rest of you. I am always happy to schedule you or to dictate your availability over the phone or e-mail if that is your preference. The biggest thing I want you to take away from this as our goal is to make your experience as streamlined and seamless as we can.  

Schedule with Ease

I know we’ve been stuck on the poll, however there are still more options to getting the most out of your scheduling experience. For any individual meetings, or if both parties are amicable to discussing their availability, we are also able to utilize direct scheduling links. These links give you a direct view of your mediator’s availability, and you can schedule yourself while also adding the other party all at once. Talk about a time saver!

At West Coast Family Mediation Center know that time is precious, especially during the holiday season and with that in mind we wish you a good tide! We are always a call or e-mail away if you ever need help, or just need to talk through what to do next. 

From our Family to yours, we wish you all the happiest of holidays!  

by: Anthony Sneed

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