Summer Activities for Kids Going Through a Divorce

Summer is upon us! Your children are out of school, and you may be trying to juggle the stress of going through a divorce while keeping everyone entertained. Keeping a consistent schedule full of things to focus on is one of the best ways to assist children through the emotional process of divorce. There are some great activities you can participate in to help your kids cope and keep them engaged during summer break.

Young Children

Younger children may have difficulty in grasping what a divorce is, what it means for them, and how to deal with all the feelings they are experiencing. Sesame Street has created a fantastic toolkit to help children with understanding and processing divorce. Parents can print activity sheets, coloring pages, and watch videos specially geared towards younger children. You can also contact us and we can provide you with one of the packets.

Older Children

Older children can be especially hit hard with the stress of divorce. They tend to internalize their feelings and have difficulties outwardly expressing their frustrations. There are a few different approaches that you can take during the summer to assist your older children:

  • Sign your children up for summer group activities to help build a social support system.
  • Each parent should schedule time to spend with the child individually and invite open discussion about divorce.
  • Staying active through outdoor activities or sports can help relieve stress.
  • Enrolling your older child in talk therapy sessions may allow them to be able to speak their mind and process your divorce.

Just like adults, sometimes children just need to discuss their feelings in an honest manner. The most important thing to remember when you are planning summer activities for your kids, is to be available to talk about the divorce. While it may be a painful subject, it is necessary to talk things through with your children so that they feel safe and secure.

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