You Would Be Surprised How Much a San Diego Divorce Costs

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, or perhaps you are in the middle of one, you probably aren’t surprised to hear that divorce can be incredibly expensive. Did you know that the average divorce in California ranges between $15,000 and $20,000 per person? That means one single divorce can easily run almost $40,000 total! Before you consider taking a second job or selling everything you own on EBay, take comfort in knowing that there is an affordable alternative. Meditation can easily cut divorce costs and typically provides you with a much more mutually beneficial agreement. Let’s break down the costs of a typical divorce:

Court Fees

There are some costs that you just cannot negotiate. Court fees are a necessary part of the cost of your divorce that you are required to pay. The cost to file your divorce petition or respond is $435. Additional filing fees vary between $20-60, and it just depends on the particular circumstances of your case if these will apply. To make an accurate estimate of how much you will need for court filing fees, you should discuss your case with one of our San Diego mediators.

Legal Fees

In divorce litigation, most people hire an attorney. Many attorneys have incredibly high hourly rates ranging from $300-$700 per hour. If you have a particularly complex divorce, the amount you owe at the end may make you want to scream. Thankfully, mediation is much more reasonable. Our San Diego Mediators realize that a divorce can take a tremendous financial toll on a family. That is why we offer packages that you can budget for. With divorce packages starting at $2,500, you can pick and choose what makes sense for you. SDFMC also provides affordable hourly rate options if you prefer that method over a flat-fee package.

As you can see, while a divorce has the potential to take you to the cleaners, mediation with SDFMC can be surprisingly affordable. Call (858) 736-2411 to schedule your appointment.

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