Divorcing…try yoga.

As with anything stressful in your life, you need to eat right, exercise and relax when going through a divorce. I am sure most of you are laughing out loud at the thought of having TIME to exercise, patience to cook (or shop for that matter) or enough silence to relax…here is the thing…if you choose to mediate rather than litigate your divorce – you WILL have the time! Rather than spending countless hours fighting over an asset that will go to your attorney anyway…go to yoga, stop by fresh and easy and pick up some ready made dinners and go home and take a bubble bath! You now have time for that!!! (OK – men, do not take a bubble bath…).

The key is to take time for yourself and take care of yourself.  If you don’t, no one else will. If you have chosen to start over, do it wholeheartedly…jump in with both feet…this is your second lease on life…don’t go through all of this pain and frustration for nothing, make your life what you have dreamed it could be…whatever you do…DO NOT spend your NEW LIFE fighting with your husband in court for the next two years…come on…this is why you are divorcing in the first place – to start over…so JUST DO IT!

by: Amanda Singer

Amanda Singer with west coast family mediation center

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