Why February Is Prenup Month

February is the month where we celebrate love! Many couples in San Diego are looking forward to a wedding in the coming spring or summer. This month is the perfect time to consider sitting down with your soon-to-be spouse and discussing your future together. Prenuptial agreements (or prenup, for short) get a bad reputation. Many people see them as being unromantic and merely asking for one shows mistrust in a partner. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, a prenuptial agreement shows mutual respect for each person in the relationship, as long as it is approached in the right way.

What Does a Prenup Do?

California is a community property state. As such, when you are married, any assets you and your spouse acquire during the marriage are split equally upon divorce. The thought of splitting everything 50/50 works for some couples but not for all. For example, if you and your spouse each own separate businesses, it may be more advantageous to keep those assets separate and away from your marital property. Signing a prenup will allow you to spell out exactly how marital assets will be divided if a divorce should occur. A prenuptial agreement can also address important topics like spousal support and how your home can be sold or divided. Obtaining a prenup is not saying a divorce will occur but instead acts as an emergency plan to have in place just in case you do. After all, do you purchase homeowners insurance because you plan that your home will catch fire? Of course not! It is just smart to plan for the worst-case scenario.

Discussing Important Topics Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Prenups allow you and your fiancé to discuss important issues with the guidance of an experienced mediator. These may be issues that you may not have thought to consider or address before your marriage. Setting out your expectations and desires before you get married will strengthen your marriage by fostering open and honest communication. The skills you learn through your mediation can only continue to help you throughout your relationship.

If you are getting married this spring or summer in San Diego and would like to discuss a prenuptial agreement with one of our experienced mediators, contact us today. Call (858) 736-2411 to schedule a consultation.

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