Surviving Your First Valentine’s Day After Your Divorce

February is upon us and so is that dreaded day for those newly divorced, Valentine’s Day. While the first one is tough, there is a way for you to thrive in your newfound singledom. The mediators at West Coast Family Mediation Center have helped countless clients through their divorce in a smart, efficient, and most importantly, a low-conflict way, so each person involved feels comfortable moving forward. In addition to assisting clients through the divorce process itself, we always want to provide information and resources on how to thrive post-divorce. Here are a few steps to making this Valentine’s Day feel like not a big deal.

Think Positive

There is a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking. When you go into the day with a negative attitude, you are going to perceive things that happen to you in that negative light. If you approach the day open and happy, you are more likely to see the good that occurs.

Embrace Yourself

While Valentine’s Day is known to be a day celebrating couples, there is nothing wrong with finding what you love about yourself. You have just made it past one of the toughest life events someone can go through. Appreciate your strength, determination, and your ability to overcome obstacles.

Treat Yourself

There is nothing wrong with buying yourself a Valentine’s Day gift. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to splurge on something you have been wanting. Whether you want a box of chocolates to calm your sweet tooth or a new outfit that makes you feel great, there is nothing wrong with gifting yourself something new.

While life after a divorce may be difficult, with the right attitude and self-care, you can make it through and come out the other end a much stronger person. If you are getting divorced, call the divorce mediators at SDFMC today. Call (858) 736-2411 today!


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