Divorce Mediation in California: A Path to Peaceful Resolution

If you are going through a divorce in California, you and your spouse should consider divorce mediation in California to resolve your issues and finalize your divorce as it is a path to a much more peaceful resolution than you will find if you decide to hire attorneys an litigate. As an attorney, mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst I see every day the benefits to couples of working together in mediation to reach a peaceful resolution and to have their lives be better off, not worse off after they finish the divorce. There are certainly numerous benefits to divorce mediation in California and some may resonate more with you or with your spouse (that’s a conversation I always have when one person reaches out to us initially and wants to know how to get their spouse into mediation) but ultimately, I want to talk about why Divorce Mediation in California provides a path to peaceful resolution.

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Now for many people when they hear the word divorce the last thing that will ever come to their mind is peaceful, especially if all they’ve ever heard about is how nasty the divorce process can be and maybe seen what has happened on TV.  There are very few TV shows or movies that even talk about divorce mediation and when they do it honestly even then doesn’t seem very peaceful so I understand why divorce and peaceful may not go together in your mind. But hear me out. If you go through divorce mediation in California it allows both parties to work together amicably to resolve the issues necessary to dissolve the marriage and if they have kids together, continue to co-parent together for years to come. When you litigate the court process is automatically going to pit you and your spouse against each other but that’s not what mediation does, mediation allows you to have a peaceful process that not only allows you to maintain peace in your life now but also in the future.

Navigating Emotional Challenges: Supportive Divorce Mediation in California

As an experienced divorce mediation in California, I often hear concerns from parties about whether they will be able to navigate emotional challenges during the divorce in mediation and I will go as far as to say that mediation provides far more emotional support then litigation and your attorney ever will. Attorneys are not always seen as a “warm and fuzzy” profession and when you’re paying them by the hour, they’re probably not the ones you want to help with emotional challenges. In mediation we offer flat fees that allow you to feel comfortable speaking with our office when you have emotional challenges. In fact, our mediation coordinator, Anthony will often spend much of his day on the phone with prospective and current clients to make sure their needs are met, and they are supported. Very few law firms are willing to have even their support staff take that time from their day to support you while for us we think it’s so important to make sure that you have someone to talk with.

We provide supportive divorce mediation in California to make sure that both parties needs are met, and we advocate for including other professionals in the process, such as a divorce coach and/or therapist to make sure that our process is as supportive as possible. We know that just like you can’t do your divorce all on your own that there are many parts of the divorce that require the help of other professionals. We are always willing to bring in whoever is going to make that process best for you and your spouse and make sure that you feel supported throughout the entire process.

Charting a Course for Emotional Healing: How Divorce Mediation in California Guides the Path to Peaceful Resolution

One of the many reasons that we include other professionals, like the divorce coaches I mentioned above in the process is to help chart a course for emotional healing. Whether you think your divorce is affecting your mental health or not it is and if you’re not willing and able to face the issues then they’re going to end up resurfacing in your life and you’ll find you haven’t emotionally healed from your divorce. By going through divorce mediation in California your mediator is here to help guide you on the path to peaceful resolution. You can rest assured that even when you and your spouse don’t agree on everything (and yes that often happens, even in mediation) that your experienced mediator will be able to work through the issues and you’ll still be able to achieve a peaceful resolution.

Divorce Mediation

The divorce process can be grueling and chaotic. At West Coast Family Mediation Center, our skilled team of mediation attorneys guide you through an organized process so you can move forward confidently and peacefully. Contact West Coast Family Mediation Center today.

by: Amanda Singer

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