How to Get a Divorce Online, Without the Headache

The world’s been put on hold — but your divorce doesn’t have to be. Quarantine and social distancing are prudent reasons that you might be looking into how to get a divorce online, but there are many other benefits to doing so.

Divorce lawyers and court appearances can indeed be necessary, such as in cases of abuse, contested custody, or the division of large sums of money. However, there exists a more accessible option for those seeking an amicable divorce. Online divorce mediation is significantly less expensive than traditional litigation and can be done from the comfort of home. The average divorce in the U.S. costs $15,000 per person, but it doesn’t have to if you explore your options for how to get a divorce online.

The first step in online mediation starts with both parties meeting with a mediator online. This professionally trained mediator is there to help you to figure out a settlement that works for you. A family mediation firm will hold your hand and make it easy and intuitive to get a divorce online. The process is identical to what you would experience in an in-person mediation, only more convenient. A mediator will help you discuss and resolve all issues such as co-parenting, child support, property, and alimony, leaving you with a fully fleshed-out agreement.

Take heed when choosing how to get a divorce online, as many sites prey on your desire to end the marriage quickly and cheaply. It is essential to know that it takes much more experience to mediate a divorce than just having a website with a few quick questions. Those sites will often ask you just the basics of your situation, which will result in a fundamental (and possibly flawed) settlement agreement. Quick divorce sites will not let you customize a settlement to reflect your personal needs or unique situation. 

Furthermore, in using these sites, the onus is on you and your spouse to agree on all issues addressed in a settlement. Unlike with an online divorce mediation firm, no divorce professionals are involved in helping you identify and negotiate these essential parts of separating your lives. 

You’re also likely searching how to get a divorce online because you’d like to avoid court. An online divorce mediator will finalize your agreement with the care and precision of an in-person firm. On the other hand, DIY divorce sites can leave you with such a deficient settlement that you end up in court, after all, arguing over the details that the site didn’t address.

Avoid these bare-bones divorce sites, and instead, hire a professional family mediator. The only choice to make is whether or not to do it virtually. You will leave both in-person and online experiences with a complete and well-thought-out agreement crafted by an experienced divorce professional. Save money (and stay in your pajamas) by choosing online divorce mediation.

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